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Roger McMorrin, a graphic illustrator and painter from Connecticut has been creating since he was 5 years old. At age 22 he decided to get serious about art and only strives to get better each year in order to perfect his craft. In 2011, under the pseudonym R.Mac,  Roger founded R.Mac Art Studio and has been slowly building its presence ever since. The work may have many different looks, but ultimately it has been described as eye candy expressing raw truth. The works are heartfelt expressions, that are not only beautifully imaginative but also have an intensity, authority and power about them. 


Roger works mostly in digital medium as it provides a lot of flexibility for him.  Aside from also doing freelance work, Roger is  continuing to take a visionary role to ensure R.Mac reaches the heights that it was intended to reach.


Roger McMorrin (R.Mac)

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